A Special Return Greeting

One evening while working as AOD (Administrator of the Day) the telephone operator told me that J. was asking for permission to walk to the grocery store in Laurelton to get some food.  Now J. had some problems.  For example: he was himself J., sometimes Superman, and some times Jesus.  He would get upset if anyone laughed at him or told him he wasn't Jesus or Superman.  But, J. was able to go by himself because he was careful with any traffic and he knew how to get there and return.

So I told the operator that it was okay and that J. could go. About two hours later, I heard the front door open and then I heard J.'s booming voice clearly, as he said, "Tell the AOD that Jesus Christ, the Lord God himself is back from the store.  And off he went back to his cottage.

(All's well that ends well. editor)

By Bob D.