Laurelton Teachers By Year

Caveat – Remember that this is a very skewed distribution because of the lack of reports for many years and a heavy amount of news articles during the 1955 investigations. Most single-year numbers simply mean that the teacher was there that year and their start and finish years are unknown.

1929 Lucy/Luci Burns Teacher
1930-1941 Ida Voneida Supervising Academic Teacher
1930-1959 Anna Mary Moyer Teacher
1930 Grace Bitler Teacher
1930-1941 Mayeva (Karstetter) Fetteroff 1930 – Attendant, 1930-1940 – Teacher,
1942 Head of Education Department
1932-1954 (Mrs.) Margaret V. Schofield Academic Teacher
1931-1932 Miss Elizabeth Daubenspeck Teacher
1936 Grace Hicks Teacher
1937 (Mrs.) Jeanette (Glover) Wagner Teacher (m. Bausman)
1940 Anna Green Home Economics Teacher
1940 Helen Weist Home Economics Teacher
1940-1946 (Miss) Ruth A. Hicks Academic Teacher
1940-1942 (Miss) Mayeva Fetteroff Education Director – Head Teacher – Res.
1941-1943 (Miss) Elizabeth K. Sanders Teacher
1942-1943 (Miss) Grace Halfpenny Teacher
1942-1955 (Miss) Sylvia M. Coffman, BS Dietician, Home Economics Teacher
1943-1944 (Mrs.) Miriam (Utt) Frank Teacher
1943-1944 (Miss) Edith E. Rohrer Academic Teacher
1944 (Miss) Antoinetta Matrica Gym Teacher
1944 (Miss) Dominica Matrica Teacher
1944 (Miss) Marion R. Meixell, BS Academic Teacher
1944 (Miss) Marion Kern Teacher
1944 (Miss) Ernestine Dietrick Teacher
1944 (Miss) Jeanne Hal________ Music Teacher
1944 (Mrs.) Donna R. (Rundett) Roberts, AB Physical Education Instructor
1944 (Mrs.) Ida L. Kessinger Teacher
1945-1953 Jacob E. Winkleblech, BS Vocational Teacher
1946-1948 Mary Demyan Home Economics Teacher
1946 Mrs. Eyer Teacher d. 1946
1946-1947 Mrs. Betty Jane Kenealy Home Economics Teacher
1948 Mrs. Harriet Faulk Vocal Instructor
1948-1951 (Miss) Esther Marion Smith, MS Head Teacher
1948-1954 Mrs. Mary W. Pollock, BA Academic Teacher
1950 -1952 (Miss) Marjorie Scharf/Schraf Vocational Teacher
1951 Mr. Carroll Instrumental Music Teacher
1951-1966? Dr. Helen Naugh_____ Director of Education
1952 Frances A. Drumm Vocal Teacher
1952-1954 (Mrs.) Mary (Stettler) Lovell/Lowell Choir Teacher
1952-1955 Edna/Edith M. Boop Academic Teacher
1952-1955? Nellie J. Bowersox Academic Teacher with 24 yrs. Service?
1954 Frances D. Crawford Music Teacher

1954 (Miss) Patricia A. Colgan, (Losinger) BS Physical Education Instructor
1954 (Mrs.) Grace Gelnett, BS Orchestra Music and Home Economics
1954 Rebecca J. Shade Music Teacher
1954-1955 (Miss) Shirley Trudgeon Home Economics Teacher
1954-1956 Helen B. Wetzel Academic Teacher
1955 Mary B. Shafer Academic Teacher
1955 Margaret McCern Academic Teacher
1955 Elva C. Kauffman Academic Teacher
1955 Mary M. Shinaberry, D. Ed. Educational Director
1955 Jane S. Slocum Academic Teacher
1955-1956 Ruth B. Graham Academic Teacher
1955-1956 Barbara Frederick Academic Teacher
1955-1958 Faylene B. Spaid Academic Teacher
1955-1958 Emily W. Lybarger, BA Academic Teacher
1958 Carrie Emma (Eardley) Yoder Teacher d. 1958
1955-1960 Sarah (Paxton) “Sally” Kenamond Home Economics – Vocational Teacher
1956-1957 L. R. McCoy Teacher and Accounting Department
1957-1970 (Miss) Hazel Gravell Director of Vocal Music
1960s Dio K. Chamberlin School Principal
1960? (Miss) Stahl Teacher
1964-1975 Bill Criswell Teacher 5th and 6th Grades
1967 Barbara (Pollock) Prideau Teacher
Late 1960s Marjorie Murray Director of Education
Before 1969 Andrew Karpinski Principal of School, Director of Education and Training
20 Teachers - six home training, one vocal music, one instrumental music, 12 academic teachers.

1971 Intermediate Unit started

1972 Greg Graynor
1975 Julia (Reitz) Borys CSIU # 16 Educational Department
Consulting Teacher
1976 Karen Kehler Teacher’s Aide

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