Laurelton Superintendents

Mary Moore Wolfe, M.D., Sc.D.- (1914?) Superintendent – August 1919-1940; Retired in September

Mary Vanuxem, Ph.D. – Psychologist 1922; Assistant to the Superintendent 1925-1942

Effie C. Ireland, M.D. – Senior Physician 1929; Superintendent 1934 – Feb. 16, 1955
(married Thornton)

Catherine DeEtte Edgette – First Assistant Physician1940; Assistant 1946 – Feb. 16, 1955 
Superintendent (1954 – Virginia “Jean” Schneeberg, D.O.N. said, “The Superintendent was weak and the Assistant was a sadist”.) There was a punishment “S” List during which no one talked to the individual being punished and there were as many as three “locked” cottages at some points.

George Kohlbraker, M.D. – Temporary Superintendent (one week?) Resigned Feb. 24, 1955

Bernard A. Newell, M.D. – Acting Superintendent April 15, 1955; Superintendent 1956-1965 (It took passage of a special state law to allow a man to become the superintendent)

William Z. Sleighter – Business Manager

Larry Kroner, M.D. – Superintendent 1966-1970

Benjamin P. Clark, M.D. – 1971-May 1974

Starting under Clark:
Assistant Superintendent for Clinical Services – Rebecca Jean Fleckenstein, M.D. 1971-1978
Dr. Derr, Mrs. Faust

Assistant Superintendent for Social and Rehabilitation Services – Harry Herman 1971-1973
Bill Delaney

William Z. Sleighter – Learn more about the Laurelton Superintendents serving from 1914 to 1998 of the Laurelton Center, including Acting and Assistant Superintendents Superintendent 1971 (3 times Acting Superintendent), Assistant Superintendent for Business Services (Manager) 1971-1976

James M. Holthuis - Assistant Superintendent for Business Services – (Administrative Services Manager) 1975-1998

(Shelby) Reeves Power, Ph.D. (30 years old) – Assistant Superintendent for Social and Rehabilitation Services, June 1973-March 1974; Acting Superintendent 1974; Superintendent 1975-1998

Norman Metzger – Acting Superintenent 1997-1998

Robert Lewis DeVett – Assistant Superintendent for Social and Rehabilitation Services 1974-December 1994; Acting Assistant Superintendent

James R. Kodlick, RN, M. Ed., Director of Health Services, Assistant Superintendent for Clinical Services 1978/79-December 1998

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