Festivities at Laurelton

Seasonal parties were celebrated both in the living units and Recreation Hall gym.

In the cottages, staff were really creative with decorating for the seasons, both in the day rooms and the bedrooms and some times even the wheelchairs.  For Kentucky Derby Day when people were watching the race on TV, staff taped horse pictures to the wheelchair trays.  At Christmas there were front door decorating competitions among the Cottages.

For events at the Recreation Hall, a disc jockey was hired and the music was loud.  Special edible treats were provided. At New Year's, non-alcoholic beer was a hit.  At those events, people from all over the grounds combined to celebrate.  Higher - functioning and ambulatory people whirled around among the wheelchairs.  It was a great break in the routine for staff and residents alike and a chance to renew friendships with folks from other units.  

Halloween was always a big deal with a dance at Recreation Hall with a lot of creative costuming for both staff and residents.  Sometimes a living unit would choose a theme and everyone dressed accordingly.  The "Wizard of Oz"  was a popular choice.

Lynn Ellen's own traditional role was as a witch with a long green robe with pockets dusted with cornstarch.  She used green face paint and dusted her hair gray!  One year, she filled the pockets with gummy worms and rats to distribute.  It was great fun until Vince enthusiastically bit the head off of a rat!  That was too much Halloween horror for Lynn Ellen.