The Facilities Reimbursement Office (Revenue)

A separate but interesting entity that was not a part of the Laurelton Table of Organization, but never the less for 20 years, was located in the Administration Building was the Facilities Reimbursement Office.  This office more informally was called the “Revenue Office”.  From 1971 – 1991, the State of Pennsylvania Maintained this office on the Laurelton campus.

Prior to 1973, it was a part of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. In 1973, it was moved to an Agency in the Office of Administration of the Welfare Department (Pennsylvania Department of Welfare).  In 1991, the office was consolidated with the Selinsgrove Office and was moved to the Selinsgrove Center.  The purpose of this office was to bill and collect treatment charges.

Facilities Reimbursement Office managers were Terry Shoener, William Kempner, Charles Drenning, and Kathy Stein.  Fiscal assistants were Margaret Camp, Velma Solomon, Terri Flock, Glenda Sheaffer, and Francis Wenrick.  Staff mixed and mingled with the Laurelton staff.  They were kiddingly referred to as “The Outlaws”.