The Laurelton Village Plot in the Hartleton Cemetery, Rt. 45, Hartleton, PA is listed as Lot #115 (117-118) A in the old numbering system and #142 in the new numbering system.  It was purchased by the Union County Commissioners.  The information is copied from the large cemetery plot map, index cards, and a hand-drawn very faded small sketch map dated 5-16-60.

The large numbered map, index cards, and small faded map are in the possession of Eugene “Gene’ Hassinger, President of the Hartleton Cemetery Association, June 19, 2020.  Some additional resident information is gathered from the files of Emilie F. Jansma and the Laurelton Village History Project.

Gene, Emilie and Tony Shively, local historian, visited the cemetery on June 19, 2020.  Tony located the plot next to Rt. 45, near the western end of the cemetery.  It is a 16 1/2’ X 20’ plot rather than the usual size.  There is a north/south interior cemetery road which is actually a grassy path at the western edge of the plot.

Nearby plots with relatively large markers are: the Kreisher family plot, with one being Pauline Kreisher on the western edge; the Dorman family plot, one being Frances Dorman to the north of the plot; and the Clarence Boop family plot to the east.

On the western edge of the Laurelton plot, in a row are five semi-sunken marker stones for the following residents:  Julia Carbonetti  1902-1938, (she was a 17 year resident); Bernadette Koch 1910-1939; Ida Bennicoff 1907-1942; Matilda Toomey 1914-1946; and Goldie Slider 1911-1953 (her graveside service was held Mar. 1953).

Unmarked grave sites less than normal plot size were used for infants:  Baby Rusak 1957, Baby Shull 6-24-58, Baby Wilniski or Wiliuskie 5-16-60. Baby E. M. Butler (mother’s name?) stillborn 6-4-62, Baby Holmes 10-2-59, Albano stillbirth 6-30-61, Baby Connelly, Baby Fortune 12-26-63 and Elizabeth Julia Diehl (mother’s name?) stillbirth 7-7-61.

Compiled by E. F. Jansma
Copies to: Gene Hassinger and Tony Shively